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Swimming Pool safety Signs

Warning About Water Hazards
All pools have a duty to warn because water presents a very real hazard to people who are unaware – from diving in shallow water to precautions to avoid drowning. These dangers are often not communicated due to outdated and inadequate signage, increasing the likelihood for accidents which end in tragedy for victims and possible liability for you, as a pool owner.

A New Best Practice Solution
Clarion offers a new, leading-edge set of swimming pool safety signs that are expertly designed to comply with the latest standards, including best practice ANSI and ISO formatting. The new system was developed in collaboration with the world-renowned pool safety experts at the Aquatic Safety Research Group. Their expertise in water safety combined with our expertise in visual safety communication has resulted in a system of pool safety signs that sets a new bar for the state-of-the-art. Our pool safety sign system uses well-designed symbols, color, language and repetition to effectively communicate the most serious water safety warnings like no other signage on the market today.

The new pool signage ushers in a new era in aquatics safety. The various components work together to convey their lifesaving messages. To enhance their effectiveness, both in terms of safety communication and for legal liability documentation purposes, third-party comprehension-testing was performed by industry human factors experts to assure the signs could be understood by various age groups and populations. This documentation is important to you, the owner who uses our system, in the event an accident occurs in your pool and a lawsuit is filed. No other pool safety sign system has such documentation.

As the illustration shown below makes clear, repetition and reiteration are at the heart of the new system.

A wide variety of organizations and venues can use our pool safety sign system. Hotels and motels, resorts, water parks, private pools and spas, pool management groups, recreational and sports facilities, and municipal, state, and non-profit community pools will all benefit from their installation. Note that every component can be tailored to fit your specific theming and messaging requirements.

Clarion’s Pool Safety Sign System
Learn more about our pool safety sign system and water safety initiatives:

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