Pool Fencing Regulations Does Your Fence Comply Crystal Glassbuild

Pool fencing regulations wa

Pools and hot tubs require building and plumbing permits. Plans are required for submittal, view the Required Plans page for more information, and depending on the type and construction, may be required to be reviewed and/or designed by a currently licensed Washington State Engineer.

IBC 3109
IBC 3109 has been adopted by Whatcom County with a Washington State amendment of Section 3109.3 for public swimming pools that are regulated by Washington State Department of Health WAC 246-260-031(4).

IBC 3109 Swimming Pool Enclosures and Safety Devices includes regulations for pool safety covers and for other gate, fence and warning device barriers to the pool.

Exception to pool fence type barriers is a swimming pool with a power safety cover or a spa with a safety cover complying with ASTM-F-1346.

Prefabricated swimming pools installed entirely above ground, less than 24 inches deep and accessory to a Group R-3 (single family residence.)

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