Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Perth - Glass Boundaries

Frameless Glass pool Fencing Perth

Do you want your pool area to look like a resort?

Then check out our great selection of semi frameless or fully frameless glass pool fencing.

Semi Frameless – The semi-frameless configuration has no top or bottom rail giving you a great view of your oasis using 10mm toughened and polished glass.

Aluminium posts are available in round or the new square profile The posts can be painted to all Dulux powdercoat colours to suit all environments.

Fully Frameless – As the name suggests, fully frameless glass pool fencing does not require posts. 12mm glass panels are held in place with 316 stainless steel Spigots to provide a totally uninterrupted view.

See our range of beautiful Glass Pool Fencing installed at the homes of our many happy Perth and Joondalup clients.

Semi Frameless Pool Fencing

“Hi, Just a short note to say thank you to everyone for the wonderful service we got from Craftsman Fencing. The installer was a primo very friendly guy and we appreciate the excellent job he did installing the gates. On this note I would like to wish you all a fantastic and safe Christmas.”

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