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DIY Glass pool Fencing Perth

Clear View Fencing provides everything you need to safely install a pool fence. Our DIY glass pool fencing kits are specifically designed with the home handyman in mind. We can supply and deliver your kit to your property for a more affordable solution.

Installing your own glass pool fencing is a great way to save money and is relatively easy to do if you are handy. To make sure your installation goes smoothly, we can assist you by providing:

  • A detailed marking plan with hole locations
  • Expert advice on the process
  • Props, packers and other essential materials
  • A precise measure and quote to ensure there are no hidden surprises

Before you install your new pool fence, we strongly recommend you speak with your local council about related regulations. Pool regulation interpretations can differ between councils. If your pool fence does not comply with local law, you will be told to alter it to compliance.

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