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A Pool Fence is of the utmost importance if you have a pool. If you are in the market to buy a pool fence, you may have encountered that there are various types of pool fences available. Which of the pool fences would be the ideal choice for your swimming pool?Homeowners grapple questions from the type of fence material to the advantages and disadvantages of a particular safety barrier when planning to invest in a pool fence. Understanding the pool fences that are available would provide an informed perspective upon which to make value-based purchase decisions. Among the pool fences (based on their materials) on offer in the market include:

  • Mesh: Removable mesh pool fencing is the only fence that was specifically made for pool safety and is widely considered the safest option for residential pools. Because of their cost, versatility, durability, look and convenience removable mesh pool fences are the most popular pool safety product used today. And mesh pool safety fences are easy to use and fully removable. Read more here to learn more about a removable mesh pool fence.

Mesh pool fences are the recommended pool fence for safety and flexibility.

  • Aluminum: Some pool owners prefer this type of pool fence due to its durability (as aluminum is rust-free) and the low cost of installation. This type of pool fence is often prized due to its unbreakable qualities. If you simply need a no-nonsense pool fence that disregards the aesthetics of your pool area, then this type of fence could be a good bet.
  • Chain Link: Only a minority of pool owners use this type of fencing for their pools. If you have kids running around your home, give chain links a wide berth as children can easily use their gaping holes as a support to climb over it. The fence also inhibits visibility into the pool area. This implies that should a child get into the pool area unnoticed, they could be at risk of drowning. Additionally, relative to mesh fencing, a chain link is significantly costlier.
  • Wrought Iron: The wide spread adoption of mesh pool fences has relegated wrought iron to the periphery. Although wrought iron is sturdy, it offers little in terms of securing your pool. Little kids can simple use the spacing on the iron bars as a support to climb into the pool area. Further, once the pool fence is in place, you wouldn’t enjoy the convenience of removing it. As such, wrought iron pales in comparison to a mesh pool fence that is easily replaceable. Worse still, the cost of installing a wrought iron fence can double or quadruple that of installing a mesh pool fence.
  • Wood: Installing this type of fence will mean one thing: zero visibility of the pool area. If you happen to space out the slats, the wood fence poses a security hazard to kids who can climb over it without your awareness. Conversely, a mesh pool fence would require a fifth of the cost of installing a wooden one.
  • Glass Fence: Glass is mainly used due to the aesthetic value it provides to the pool area. That said, it poses various challenges that are worth mentioning. For instance, keeping it spotless may mean dedicating a lot of time to cleaning it. Moreover, since glass is mostly clear, the risks of running into it and being injured are compounded. Glass is also pricy costing up to 20 times more than a mesh fence, is irremovable and does not offer versatility.

Your pool needs and cost determine which pool fence you end up investing in. If you do not have kids at home, then a glass fence would be suited to your needs. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive long-term solution (especially if you plan to have kids) that is also budget friendly, then a mesh pool fence is the best pick. Its safety features: very difficult to climb, visibility of the pool area, convenience in terms of ease of installation or removal are core qualities that make a mesh fence stand out.

Clearly, a mesh pool fence is a cut above other types by virtue of its safety assurance and ease of maintenance. In fact, it’s the only pool fence tailored to your safety needs. Other pool fences are either easy for kids to climb over due to the slats they feature or downright unsafe, such as glass pool fences. Thus a mesh pool fence is the highly recommended choice when it comes to an effective safety barrier, making it the best pool fence for a homeowner.

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